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I know the song that should be sung on my wedding day (someday) :

Duncan Sheik “For You”

For you I want to sing a happier song
For you I’m gonna try to right all my wrongs
For you I’m gonna break my bad habits
There’s a golden ring, and I want you to have it
There’s a golden ring, and I want you

For you I’m gonna sit and patiently wait
It’s great if you’re early, but it’s fine if you’re late
For you I feel love, and I just want to show it
You’re a beautiful girl, and want you to know it [Repeat: x3]
It’s an infinite world, and I want you

Once again I am opened [Repeat: x4]

For you I’m waiting on the ticket line
I gotta get back, I don’t want to waste time
But the people are tired, and the line is so long
So, all I can do is sing this song

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