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1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9 or 10. Money can’t buy you back the love that you had then.

Feist, “1234”

Compared to where I am sitting now, a nice car, with nice clothes, and I feel miserable.

Watching two women with hijab sitting comfortably on the sidewalk, laughing and playing with their children. There were big grins all over. Maybe happiness indeed is cheap.

The one I felt and still feel most is lack of time. I used to have time to think, to reflect, my mind and I. We would sit together of an evening and listen to the inner melodies of the spirit, which one hears only in leisure moments when the words of some loved poet touch a deep, sweet chord in the soul that until then had been silent. But in college there is no time to commune with one’s thoughts. One goes to college to learn, it seems, not to think. When one enters the portals of learning, one leaves the dearest pleasures―solitude, books and imagination―outside with the whispering pines. I suppose I ought to find some comfort in the thought that I am laying up treasures for future enjoyment, but I am improvident enough to prefer present joy to hoarding riches against a rainy day.

Helen Keller, The Story of My Life (via bookmania)


happy new year, everyone!   ♡

Goodbye 2011 and Hello 2012

Shopping List for Singapore Trip

For me:

  • Beautiful-looking, comfortable and affordable flat shoes in black, light pink and cream.. is that too many?
  • Nude glittery eye-shadow
  • Lip balm, simple but hard to find a really good one

For loved ones:

  • Christmas gift for my boyfriend, I have something in mind but won’t tell you yet
  • AND birthday present for him, still don’t know what’s it gonna be
  • Gifts for colleagues at work.. I bought them chocolates once, hmm what to buy now?
  • TWG Tea for my boyfriend’s family
  • Something sexy and glamorous for my friend’s birthday present

I concluded that so far, most things on my shopping list are meant for other people!

My favorite style: plain t-shirt and outstanding necklace.
I will try the make-up too someday.

My favorite style: plain t-shirt and outstanding necklace.

I will try the make-up too someday.

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ha-choooo! *sneeze sneeze sneeze* *wipe it with the back of my hand*

Tomorrow is Sunday, and I need to go to work. Now is 1.18 AM and I still haven’t sleep.

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